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Forgotten Forest

Microlot Project 

 5 Acre Typica Micro-lot Summary

 - 6,000 trees, on 5 acres grown under

Agroforestry conditions

-3 years to grow & produce 1st harvest

-Pick coffee fruit from existing trees &

collect naturally occurring seedlings

- Germinate & nurse seedlings, 

-Clear brush to make room for seedlings, prune

existing trees, plant seedlings, fertilize, and maintain.

-Harvest in 3rd year, process, roast, package, deliver.

-Puerto Rico’s original coffee varietal

is on the brink of extinction

- We want to bring it back with your help!


Become a Friend of The Forgotten Forest & Take Real Action to Restore Puerto Rico’s Coffee. 


Your contribution is a vote for the change you want to see in the world and for creating change

in the agriculture community in Puerto Rico. 


In return, you’ll receive your share of coffee from our first harvest in 2023, which we intend to be one of the most spectacular coffees ever produced from seed in Puerto Rican soil.


You’ll also receive a physical & digital certificate + regular updates & reports + extras gifts.
  Best of all you will get first access for life to this
coffee lot prior to the international auction.


Micro-lot Members: Contribution level

All Friends (Amigos) of the Forgotten Forest project will have full access to our private Facebook group + quarterly email newsletter + exclusive first access to our coffee before the auction, FOR LIFE!

Cost Breakdown - How is your money being utilized?

We do not intend to profit directly from your contribution: your financial help will support us through our initial 3 years as we prepare for the 1st harvest. From then forward, we believe the project will be self-sustaining. We will continue to give you exclusive access and new opportunities to engage, enjoy, contribute, and deepen your relationship with our growing family. 


Hold shares of our first ‘22-’23 Harvest

Each progressive tier includes new benefit + all benefits from lower tiers

1  FB Group access + Social Media Shout-out 

 1 Share + Certificate & Email Newsletter

  2 Shares + Sandra Farms Tshirt     

3  Shares + Cascara Coffee Fruit Tea tasting pack

4 Shares + Cascara Coffee Fruit Tea tasting pack

5 Shares + SF Coffee Mug

6 Shares + SF Coffee Mug

7 shares + Apasionados Chocolate Tasting Pack

 8 Shares + Apasionados Chocolate Tasting Pack


10 Shares + Weekend Farm Pass (11 am-4 pm, you + 1 guest)​

 20 Shares   +    1 Overnight Stay at Sandra Farms Greenhaven

Airbnb (you + up to 3 friends) OR Home Brewing & Roasting Class  (Adjuntas or Virtual) 


These Official Micro-lot Sponsors are a special group of friends who are deeply engaged in our project and hope to amplify its impact for the benefit of many future small farmers. All Padrinos have direct access to project leaders for regular updates & info. Their names will be included on our page and future packaging. As sponsors, they have the option to resell their coffee and officially promote their involvement in this project.  Due to the potential size of shares, Padrinos can choose a schedule on which they’d like to receive their coffee.

20 Shares-- + 1 Overnight Stay at Sandra Farms Greenhaven Airbnb (you + up to 3 friends) OR Home Brewing & Roasting Class (Adjuntas or Virtual)

 100 Shares + Customized video Thank-you from FF Staff, Social Media & Print Sponsor Pack, Private Label Option on FF coffee

200 Shares--Official Program Partner Seal on FF Website, Co-Brand Option on your shares, Quarterly opportunity to Stay at Sandra Farms Greenhaven Airbnb for yourself or 1-4 friends.

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Project Mission

Our mission is to revive Puerto Rico’s original coffee variety and demonstrate the viability of a high-end specialty coffee industry in Puerto Rico.


We aim to empower small scale farmers in Puerto Rico’s Cordillera Central to maintain or return to a culturally and environmentally valuable lifestyle. We will create a 5-acre “micro-lot” of this low yielding, high-quality Typica variety under agroforestry conditions, educate and pay our seasonal workers

the highest ever recorded prices to pick ripe coffee cherries, and process it to the most exacting and water-efficient standards. 


Restoring Puerto Rico’s Original Coffee Variety.

Puerto Rico is believed to be the first Caribbean island to successfully grow coffee under the tropical canopy after being brought here from Yemen via French ships in the 1700s. The heirloom “Typica” variety led Puerto Rico through its “Golden Age” of high international esteem. At the turn of the 19th century,

the little island had risen to become the 6th largest coffee exporter in the world. 

But this Typica is no longer commercially grown on the island. Focus has shifted away from quality heirloom varietals, and in favor of hybrids selected for disease resistance, yield, monoculture, and chemical inputs. 

Since Puerto Rico abides by U.S. labor laws and fair wage standards, coffee production is much more costly than other origins and therefore can only compete in quality. Without a focus on quality,

thousands of small farmers have left the industry as it has become unprofitable.

Today the island imports nearly 30 million pounds of coffee annually.

Image 1-29-20 at 4.53 PM.JPG

Typica 401: Seleccion de Puerto Rico

The coffee brought to the island in the 1700s was of an heirloom variety called “Typica”

originated in Ethiopia before spreading to Yemen.

This ancient strain was extremely low yielding and very delicate,

with some of the highest quality potential of any known coffee variety.


In the centuries since its arrival, Typica naturally mutated in

an adaption better suited to Puerto Rico’s unique conditions. 


The strain is recognized by scientists as Typica 401, or Seleccion de Puerto Rico by locals.

This coffee is all but extinct in Puerto Rico and no longer commercially grown.

Just about the only way to get your hands on some is by venturing through

the densely vegetated, forgotten forests of the Puerto Rican highlands.

Sandra Farms: A Forest Found 

In 1994, Sandra & Israel Gonzalez acquired an abandoned coffee hacienda in Guayabo Dulce, Adjuntas,

deep within the Cordillera Central. In doing so, they fulfilled Israel’s childhood dream

 of returning to Puerto Rico to cultivate a coffee farm of his own,

utilizing the traditional practices of his mother and father. 

When they arrived, the farm had been abandoned on-and-off for nearly 100 years

and any crops that might have been planted were swallowed by the vibrant tropical forest. 

A few years later, on an exploration to the highest point on their new estate,

Israel made a puzzling discovery:

he found what appeared to be some very old, very delicate coffee trees!


In the full shade of the forest canopy, the trees grew very narrow and tall, in search of the sun.

This discovery led Israel to call in local experts and agronomists who all would eventually come to corroborate that what he’d found was heirloom Typica 401.

 Known by locals as “Selección de Puerto Rico”.


These trees, some nearly 100 years old were in fact Descendents of the Typica trees brought to Puerto Rico in the 1700s--only, after generations of offspring, had mutated to a genetically distinct adaptation. 

Nearly twenty years later, the dream to restore this coffee is still alive for Sandra and Israel Gonzalez.

We sincerely thank you for contributing to making this dream a reality!



Domenico Celli:

Puentes Naturales Founder & Forgotten Forest Project Manager


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Co-owner & Founder of Sandra Farms Coffee






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